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Olicargo in the World...

Aware of this constant challenge, we soon realized that internationalization would be a decisive factor for OLICARGO's success and growth. An internationalization that

began in ANGOLA, followed by MOZAMBIQUE, CHINA and finally SPAIN. In addition to our position in these strategic geographies, we invested in the national expansion.

In addition to the Platforms of LISBON and COVILHÃ, we have an innovative Logistics Center in the NORTH.

Through the international network we are still represented in more than 190 countries, 747 cities, ports and airports.



Platform in south africa




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The creation of Olicargo Mozambique happened as a natural step in the expansion and internationalization strategy of SGM Logistics Group. With headquarters in the city of Maputo and branches in Beira and Nacala, the presence in this emerging and very important market, is a surplus for our clients, allowing us to offer proper solutions and local additional services with the aim of guaranteeing the safe and efficient transportation of your goods.


Olicargo has been seeking to increase the quality of the services provided through a consolidated presence in several parts of the world – Portugal (Oporto, Lisbon and Covilhã), Angola (Luanda and Lobito), South Africa (Cape Town) and Mozambique (Maputo, Beira and Nacala), being a member of the WCA World, a world leader in logistic partnerships with agents in 190 countries and 747 cities and ports in the world.


Olicargo Mozambique expectations for the next years continue quite high, and we foresee the continuity of a promising journey. The main guidelines of this aim are:

  • Efficiency and quality, as main focus on the constant and timely information for the client;
  • Choice of partners and suppliers that share the same service efficiency principles;
  • Analysis of better transport alternatives for your cargo;
  • Practice of competitive prices per customizes operational service and near the client;
  • Dynamic and responsible consolidation of the professional team, being that the client must always be the main beneficiary and the respect for the supplier is a usual practice from a company that respects its obligations.



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