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Because there are cargos that due to their dimension and /or weight are indivisible, they cannot be transported in conventional containers and they need special transportation (truck, ship and plane). We have an Internal Project Cargo Department, composed of a specialised team through which:


  • We do follow up and we advise our clients' project teams, optimizing the cargo transport in question in a cost-efficient and safe way ;

  • We coordinate and develop detailed studies of all the phases of road, sea and air transport;

  • We verify and control all the critical steps of the transhipment manoeuvres - operations of: stowage, lashing and documents;

  • We prepare physical, technical and legal feasibility studies of local and international transport through Road Survey;

  • We develop and prepare the packages and anchoring points needed to guarantee the transports' safety and good conservation of the cargo;

  • Physical Follow-up – in loco (worldwide) – of all the transport, from the loading operation to the unloading one.


To answer your needs and aims, we study, plan and execute fully customized solutions, using specialized human resources, who are proactive and fully qualified as well as capable of answering immediately and efficiently all the challenges that might arise thanks to their vast experience and know-how within this service.


This operational streamlining is guaranteed from the first to the last minute, that is, we offer a door-door/turnkey service, which includes the full follow up, management and control (loading/unloading, packaging and logistics, transport, customs clearance).


If you have a special need/demand, do not hesitate and contact us. We will study the best solution for your request and offer you a fully customized service.


Our goal?

Satisfy our clients' needs by presenting door to door full solutions which are implemented through the support of our Project Cargo partners, who are present in more than 100 countries (www.projectcargonetwork.com)




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