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Full Container Service (FCL)

FCL is a solution that involves shipping a full container as a single unit.


At Olicargo we organize all container traffic in a multi-company basis in order to optimize the cost and transit time of each process of transportation.


Our team of experienced professionals in sea freight provides you with advice and solutions tailored to your needs. They use their deep knowledge of the different characteristics of each destination / origin to answer your ocean freight needs in FCL.


The amounts that move annually allow us to obtain very competitive prices next to the major shipping companies, passing these benefits to our customers. This means confidence in Olicargo to transport and deliver your goods worldwide


Our ​​offer includes:

  • Door-to-door service to every continent;
  • Multiple bidirectional weekly departures between major ports;
  • Operational staff dedicated to FCL service;
  • Use of all types of containers line according to clients needs and requirements;
  • Optimization of your transportation costs and competitive rates;
  • Access to the status of your shipment (tracking & trace) through our KIS system (via WEB), ensuring the traceability of your shipment from the collection of the container on your facilities to its final destination (according to the delivery terms agreed);
  • Own customs clearance service;
  • Deconsolidation and goods deliveries service.


Wherever you are Olicargo has the operational capacity and know-how to offer a reliable, consistent, fast and flexible service to ensure the safe arrival of your goods at the lowest cost possible.


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